Thursday, May 13, 2010

Little Things to Smile About

Toddlers with shoes that make dog toy-like squeaks every time they walk. It's like those shoes that light up, only with sound effects instead. I get the giggles when the tykes start running.

Cheap veggies.All this for around $8! Eating healthy is actually affordable.

The lilies that bloomed in the ponds in our apartment complex, splashing color amongst the gray.

The fact that the apartment guards always smile back when I say hello. They even reply in English sometimes.

Discovering the authentically old "Sound Reaching Far Tower" in the midst of our skyscraper city. They would not, however, let us ring the giant bell inside.

Little kids in the pizza place giving me high fives when I hold up my hand.

And don't judge me, but...

a teddy bear who just couldn't take the pressure any more!
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