Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Name Game

First of all, I would like to say that I will never write about being lucky again. A few days after my last post I was struck down. Yup. Ladutza. Fever, stomach cramps, the works. Lost a kilo. To top it off, David got sick too, so we were pretty much worthless this past weekend. I did a lot of reading and tea sipping though.

Second order of business, to all my faithful readers, are you having technical difficulties with my blog? Do the videos work? I have been told that sometimes the video doesn't have sound, or the commenting feature is on the fritz. Everything on my end seems to work okay, but if it is something I can fix, I would like to try. Any feedback you can give would be appreciated.

And just for random kicks, I'll share one of David's funny little stories. (Hey, until he starts his own blog, his stories are fodder for the taking! And I say that only with great love.)

"I named Mr. Pan this week." I looked at over at David, eyebrows raised.

"What?" I asked.
"Mr. Pan," he said. "I gave him an English name." David has given several of his coworkers English names, a common practice among many Chinese people. Some of them are kinda funny, like Joe Zhou.
"So, what did you name him?"
It took me a few seconds. "You named him Peter Pan?!"
"Of course." He grinned. I gave him a gentle thwap on the arm, chuckling despite myself.
"You're horrible! Does he even know who that is?" I asked. He nodded.
"Another coworker told him, 'Oh, that's a very famous story in America!'" David grinned again.
"Yeah, it's a famous story alright," I said, "about a guy in green tights!"

I'm going to rename David "Mischief"!

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  1. Actually, Peter Pan does NOT wear tights.
    That's only in the Disney cartoon and the musicals. Peter Pan is a tough little boy dressed in leaves mostly. (Like a savage nature boy)

    Check this out, too: